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So you guys are working together on maps now?

Not necessarily. Each member has differing styles of map making. From the type of maps we like making to the way they're structured. We'll continue to release individual maps but they'll be Mystic Legends releases.

So why form a team?

The main point of the team is quality. You all see countless "public beta tests" of half finished maps on the net. Mystic Legends is not only comprised of skilled mappers, but also critical mappers :) We can help each other with problems in a map, play test, improve things and generally get it right before it's released. There may be times when several people all work on different aspects of a map so it's released as a team effort. We hope that this team inspires others to get together and create maps.

Criticism is always a good part of map making. If someone put's out a map and no one tells the mapper about it's problems or mistakes, they'll go away and create another map with the same faults.

So are you guys hiring?

Yes, just drop a message.

But then you won't release a lot of maps.

We're not in this to create the most amount of maps. Our goal here is quality. We'd rather release a few maps which are perfect than release loads with overlooked problems everywhere.

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