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Sting in Your Tail Information

Sting in Your Tail was the result of starting Mystic Legends.

Originally the plan was to start Mystic and then release levels when we both had the time, but when I heard that Onag wanted to do a piece on Mystic Legends on JNN then we thought it would be cool to release our first level at the same time.

Even back then I was real busy with Official Epic commitments so it was lucky really that I was on a week's holiday a few days after the above happened. I worked on Sting in Your Tail for about 3-4 days on the basic layout and got all the level done to testing stage. After I got back from my short break we spent a few days testing, tweaking and adding new parts of the level.

Now all we had to do was wait for the patch. All in all Sting in Your Tail was ready and waiting for about 3-4 weeks before the patch was released and when Mystic and the level first launched, I was again away on a break for my 21st birthday. It wasn't until after I got back that I saw what impact the level had, and luckily everyone liked it ;)

The level itself flowed pretty easily from my mind, to my hand and into JCS onto the screen as the Diamondus tile set is very quick and easy to work with. It's advantages are that it's not based on anything like say Medivo where you have stone pillars etc.. so basically you can make any shapes or structures with the scenery you wish and it won't look out of place :)

It was great fun making this level. :p

- Evil_Bill

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