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Queen of Board Information

I'm not sure how long QoB was in "developement" but I'd guess a month or more..

There was the weird "clone" thingy combining of events to produce weird things in the end that I used (in CloneHead's lair). I think it's awesome, but the problem is, I have no idea who ever sent me the level that originally had it (it was this testlevel thingy, that just had a couple "clones" in it). If I could ever find the guy, that would be cool.

There were also the "beeboy" enemies.. I've noticed that no one else used these, yet they are really quite cool.. hard to hit, and very annoying. Perfect "support" enemies for the ground guys.

Then there's the infamous "stuck" part in the first level of QoB. Quite interesting really.. I was thinking of triggering a real "oops, you walked too far, now you're stuck" thing, with a huge maze you had to navigate to find the "key" to get unstuck.. that never really worked out. I just threw in the "getting stuck" part w/ the triggerzone events for fun.. I just like the idea of people walking along and getting permanently trapped.. helps encourage saving :)

Originally I was planning for QoB to span the entire 700x700 levels to the very edge.. this never QUITE worked out, I just couldn't keep myself going that long on one level.. too.. monotonous, and I was running out of ideas :) Still, I think it fit enough of the level space to warrant being at least the largest level ever created, if not exactly 700x700 tiles.

QoB was originally only one level.. the first BIG one. I decided to make it bigger, with more levels, simply because one level is a little.. corny. When I started thinking on the lines of a "level pack" I figured it would be nice to throw in the menu thing at the beginning.. turned out good :-)

Another thing about the original QoB was the fact that I was going to have a boss after you opened all the "doors" in the beginning. This would've been perfect, a great idea even... but putting bosses in simply made it crash due to "insuffiecent memory." Although that was never the case, I guess I just stretched JJ2's limits a little hard :) This also helped me to "make a level very hard without enemies" =)

The "bonus" level would've really been a bonus level, except the problems introduced in 1.23 stopped that (also, in such a large level, you'll notice in 1.21 and 1.22 that secret levels make it run out of "memory" :P)

I also noticed if you die w/ all your lives, it runs out of memory in both the first and third level..

- Dethman

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