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Official Mystic Legends' Releases

The following Official releases require you to have v1.23 or higher to play. However we recommend to use Jazz Jackrabbit 2+ to have the best experience of our levels. Go to to get the latest patch.

Released Level Name Type Mapper Info
27th December '17 The Price of Admission CTF cooba
21th May '15 Organic / Brain Tumor Battle Shadow, skulg and cooba Special Tileset for contest
10th Apr '15 Sacrosanct CTF cooba
26th Feb '15 Murder of Crows Battle Shadow
19th Feb '15 War of the Bunnies for Life! Battle Shadow
9th April '10 PipE DowN CTF Shadow
9th April '08 Requiem for a carrot Battle Shadow
4th April '05 SW: Redemption Battle Shadow JJ2+
13th June '02 FE: Music Music Shadow
13th June '02 Future Evolution Capture the Flag Shadow info
14th Feb '02 Slab RatZ Capture the Flag Shadow
20 Dec '00 Fortune Carrots! Battle Jeh
13th Sept '00 7th Lava Fall Capture the Flag Jeh/Dethman
10th June '00 Street Wars Battle Shadow JJ2+
24th May '00 Toxic Waste Battle Shadow
14th Apr '00 Binky Bunny Hills! Battle Jeh
25th Feb '00 Darker Science Battle Shadow
7th Jan '00 CyberSpaz Tileset/Music Dethman Cancelled
7th Jan '00 24 Hour Coffee Battle Dethman
30th Oct '99 Clan Wars: SE Battle Shadow
9th Oct '99 Parallel Worlds Battle Jeh
4th Oct '99 Bongo Bongo CTF Capture the Flag Jeh
11th Apr '99 Gorilla Warfare CTF Capture the Flag Jeh
9th Apr '99 Where Warriors Fall Battle Jeh info
12th Oct '98 Queen of Board Single Player Dethman info
5th Aug '98 Sting in Your Tail Single Player Evil_Bill info

Pre-Mystic Levels

Note: The levels below were created by Evil_Bill, Dethman and Shadow _way_ before Mystic Legends was even an idea so please don't expect these levels to be up to Mystic Legends quality. However they're still pretty fun to play so download them anyway :)

The levels below in NO WAY represent the quality of official Mystic Legends levels.

Level Name Type Mapper
Rux0riffic Single Player Evil_Bill
Under Siegeness Battle Evil_Bill
Beach Brawl Capture the Flag Evil_Bill
NiGhTmArE! Single Player Dethman

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