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Where Warriors Fall Information

This level came about for 2 reasons.

1) I hadn't contributed anything to the community level-wise since Sting in your Tail last year and 2) it was the 1st anniversary of Jazz 2 shareware's release!

So I thought this would be perfect timing to launch myself back into the Jazz 2 community once more after an over-extended leave of absence.

When the shareware version of Jazz 2 first hit the Internet, you could only play Capture the Flag online. With only 1 CTF level initially included all anyone could play was a level I created for Epic, Diamondus Warzone. This was an instant hit and is still one of the top ranked CTF levels even today... or so I'm led to believe :)) I've grown to like Battle a bit more now so I thought I'd create a Battle level with the Diamondus Warzone "feel".

Same tileset, same music and generally the same kinda platforms, hidden rooms and warps that people loved from the original. Early feedback from everyone seems to indicate that this level will be up there with the greats of the Battle world. w00!

So think of this level as my comeback level but also as a fitting tribute to Diamondus Warzone and Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

- Jeh

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