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Mystic Legends nominated for JCS Awards 2015
This year two members of the Mystic Legends team has been nominated for the annual JCS Awards 2015.

ShadowGpW has been nominated for:
Best battle level of 2015 with "Hell's foundery" & "Castle bunnies for life". But also he has been nominated for Best JCSer of 2015

Skulg has been nominated for:
Best tileset of 2015 with "Organic". Earlier this year she won the mini tileset contest with "Organic".

You can vote and read about the other nominated people on "JJCF now!"

- ShadowGPW - 3 Jan '16
More released by Mystic Legends
Our own cooba has released his first level under the Mystic Legends banner! Sacrosanct is a brand new CTF level, which requires Jazz Jackrabbit 2 plus.

Download it now!

Also the Mystic Legends team combined their forces, skulg has released a new tileset, ShadowGPW worked on the level layout and cooba added additional niftyness to the level. It has been specially designed for the treylina's small tileset competition. Organic tileset with a Brain Tumor on Jazz 2 online now!

- ShadowGPW - 6 aug '15
Murder of Crows is out now
I have released a level specially designed for the 1on1/2on2 JDF ODT event. The best maps will feature in their ODT event.

Murder of Crows is medium sized classic battle map and build on the Diamondus 1 tileset.

Download "Murder of Crows" on Jazz2Online now!

- ShadowGPW - 25 feb '15
After 5 years Mystic Legends FINALLY releases a new levels! These levels are especially made for the JDC contest, it would be uber cool to see these levels being featured during this event.

Download "War of the Bunnies for Life!" on Jazz2Online now!

- ShadowGPW - 19 feb '15
From today, cooba joins the ranks of Mystic Legends as a tileset & level builder. I think his levels are fantastic and is a well liked figure in the world of Jazz Jackrabbit. Has a vast knowledge in competitive Jazz Jackrabbit gaming.. so yeah, he's the perfect man to join ML.

Any actual projects going on? Anything that Mystic Legends does except for being idle?

Well, hell yeah!!!

A few new battle levels, JDC motivated us to actually touch JCS and construct some levels & tilesets.

- ShadowGPW - 13 feb '15

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